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Corruption within the South Pacific Islands


DEAR EDITOR, I am writing to express my concern related to the invasion of corruption within the Pacific Islands and how they are being dominated and develop riots and chaos to governments, businesses and as well to people.

According to Australian National University Research about the state, society and governance in Melanesia; stated with evidence that suspicious of corruption has contributed to the crisis the PNG government currently faces over the use of mercenaries on Bougainville and even the Governor General reported as referring to the “termites of corruption”.

However, many island nations- the days near election; bribery occurred which candidates pay money and distribution of gifts among the citizens in aimed to vote for them.

But instead the right person to represent and take matters of people to action in the parliament, with the interference of corruption the wrong people take over the government which lead to many other issues.

Corruption fuels job promotion, the awarding of government contracts and the transfer of public assets into private hands.

Corruption in the South Pacific is rooted in the blurred lines that come with a system combining weak rule of law.

Therefore, with the overbearing of corruption within the Pacific islands, media has been one of the tool that are used against corruption it expose and publicise the activities and report of malpractices it also promote the idea in support the campaign against corruption.


Ana Finau,

Laucala Campus