Nation-wide BVR update progresses smoothly

THE nation-wide BVR update is progressing well throughout the country according to reports from provincial registration teams.

The Office of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) in a statement said apart from complaints emanating from the Out of Constituency Registration Centre at Town Ground in Honiara, the whole processes progresses really well in the provinces.

Most of the issues have been rectified, but issues outside of the SIEC’s mandate should be reported to police if they are illegal.

SIEC encourages eligible voters who are yet to register to check out newspapers and the SIEC website (, for when registration teams will visit their closest registration centre.

“Notices of the movement plans should also be pinned up at registration centres throughout the country by Registration Officers therefore people who wish to register or update their details should look out for the teams,” the statement said.

SIEC appeals to voters to register in their constituency of residence.

“SIEC cannot stop anyone from registering, but encourages people to register where they are living.

“If your registration is influenced, you might end up registering in a constituency you are not eligible to register in, hence increases the chance of your name being removed from the voters list if objected to by any registrant during the omission and objection period.”

SIEC reiterated calls for intending candidates to stay out from the registration process and allow it to continue smoothly.

“The call also goes out to voters to ensure their registration is not influenced.”

The Office of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission continues to call for cooperation and for people to abide by registration laws and regulations.

“If you notice any activity that you think breaks the law, record it and report it to police.”

The BVR update will continue up until September 27, 2018.

The provisional voters list is expected to be published towards the end of October and the Omission and Objection phase in November. Below are the important voter registration phases and dates to take note of.



BVR ActivityDateNumber of DaysLegal Framework
Voter Registration Update


Sept 3 – Sept 2725Sec.16 (3) (B) & Sec 17 (1)
Retrieval of Data and  


Oct 3 – Oct 2321Sec 18 (1) (B), Sec 19A (1)(2)
Distribution of Provisional lists 
Publication of Provisional Lists


Oct 29 – Nov 47Sec 18 (3) (B)
Deployment of staff to Omission/Objection sites 
Omission & Objection period


Nov 7 – Nov 2014Sec 19 (3) (B), Sec 19 A (3)
Retrieval of Omission/Objection forms, preparation of list for public enquiry 
Publication of list of claims


Nov 21 – Dec 17Sec 20 (2), Sec 20 (3)
Confirmation of revising sites   
Public enquiry and Revision of ListDec 4 – Dec 2320Sec 20 A (1)
Retrieval of revision list to Honiara 
Settlement of Final Voters List


Dec 29 – Jan 1114Sec 21


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