Malaita plans to deal with outbreak in the province.

Auki town.
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MALAITA Provincial Disaster Operation Centre (PDOC) through its Covid-19 Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at Kilu’ufi hospital has met on Friday to prepare for covid-19 transmission in the country.

Chairman of EOC, Director of Malaita provincial health, Dr. Rex Maukera said the meeting was important as they are looking at ways to deal with the current situation should there be an outbreak in the province. 

He said they discussed a lot of areas during the meeting including;

  • Update on the current status of the country, especially PM’s speeches and information that needs to be disseminated to the public.
  • Update on the status of Kilu’ufi hospital and measures need to be taken now as face with the virus
  • Preparation of quarantine and isolation for the province
  • Looking at reserving Kilu’ufi hospital for normal services (to avoid virus transmission to staffs and patients)
  • Possible measures by way of restricting movement of people

Maukera said these are some of the areas they looked at and they will continue to sit down and plan as this situation also continues to gain momentum.

He said during the meeting they also discussed information to issue to the public, especially on the movement of people after the lifting of the lockdown in Honiara.

Maukera said the Kilu’ufi Risk Communication team had and will provide awareness to people on the current situation, especially measures or what to do, and to give people confidence amidst the transmission.

 “We are now experiencing transmission and if anybody is experiencing flu, cough, and other signs of the virus to report to them for investigation,” he added.

Maukera said the PDOC through EOC is liaising with SOEs, NGOs in Auki, and MPG to prepare for the current state of emergency.

He said the partnership of these stakeholders is important to ensure resources are shared towards planning to deal with the virus in the province.