Makira Ulawa celebrates provincial day


HONIARA people from Makira/Ulawa province on Saturday celebrated their provincial day at the Museum grounds.

Commencing with a parade from the Honiara city council area, the celebration on Saturday was one mixed with culture, pride and traditions.

A big bowl of the renowned traditional food, ‘six months pudding’ was prepared specifically for that day with participants to the celebration having a taste of the Makira delicacy.

Traditional dances were also performed by the various groups from the different areas of Makira/Ulawa province with the student association of the province participating in the traditional dances as well.

The ‘Ruteku’ dance was the highlight with some spectators joining in the dance to entertain the huge crowd gathered there for the event.

A catwalk display of bamboo designs by Aukeni Mamau from Makira/Ulawa was also a part of the day’s activity including a stage performance by singer, Sliz well known for his song ‘Slo wine’.

Member of Parliament for West Makira, Hon Derek Manu’ari was key guest speaker on this occasion.

Showcasing bamboo designs by Aukeni Mamau from Makira Ulawa province
Ruteku dance by Santa Ana representatives
Representing Santa Ana of Makira Ulawa
Dancers from Arosi, West Makira
Dancers from Ulawa Ugi
Part of the crowd watching the entertainment
Makira Ulawa Students Association performing their item
A man from Makira Ulawa province having a taste of the well known six months pudding

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