KOSSA and Real Kakamora contest ends in a stalemate


REAL Kakamora held off KOSSA to a nil-all draw in the second match on Sunday as they opened their 2018 Telekom S-League campaign at Lawson Tama Stadium.

KOSSA, led by veteran midfielder Paul Wale as captain dominated the first half but could not convert their chances into goals.

Real Kakamora, on the other hand proved handful on the western end of the pitch in the second half but squandered their chances in what that could have possibly changed the outcome of the match in the dying minutes.

KOSSA coach Fred Osifelo was positive about the draw and outlined strengthening of a few areas which need to be polished before taking on their next game.

Joachim Rande of Real Kakamora shoots for the goal

“Well, after all it’s a good game. We just need to step up after having few issues within our club regarding players.

“With new players coming in, we have tried to find a rhythm for the boys to play and how best we can go in this competition.

“But it’s still too early, but atleast a point in our first match and we’re pleased.

“We need to work more on a couple of areas we need to strengthen.

“We’ll go back to the drawing board and look forward to our next match,” Osifelo said.

Real Kakamora coach Sam Wa’aria admits that things were not easy lately for his side due to sponsorship problem and described the one point attained in the draw as a big achievement for them.

“I’m pleased with the draw and it’s a big achievement for us, especially for a side that have not been training for the start of the season.

KOSSA and Real Kakamora contest ends in a stalemate

Wa’aria stressed that his boys could only manage to come together for the first time last Thursday.

“We’ve just came together last Thursday after securing a sponsor during the last minute.

“We are supposed not to take part this season due to sponsorship problem.

“But then we were lucky to find a sponsor which came in last week which had our registration paid in on Thursday. Infact, we didn’t train. I just put together the boys on Thursday and had a small board session for them this afternoon (yesterday) before running in.

“I’m pleased that we managed to hold a good team who have been preparing for a long time to a nil-all draw.

“Our team is a new one compared to last year. A majority of our players this season are new ones.

“Therefore I’m pleased to say that the one point we registered from our draw is a big achievement for us,” Wa’aria added.

KOSSA defender Seni Ngava passes the ball away from the Real Kakamora Skipper Paul Hiri

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