Make Honiara a captivating and beautiful national capital to visit

DEAR EDITOR, tourism is an increasingly important sector for the Solomon Island and, reportedly, arrivals were up in the last quarter.

Recent cruise visitors to Gizo were said to have been captivated by the beauty of the place.

Tourism growth could be boosted if Honiara could be made cleaner and more attractive with a greening programme and much better care taken of the urban and surrounding environment.

This week has seen claims the Mantanikau River is so heavily polluted and has become an eyesore and an embarrassment.

The Honiara City Council continues to try and keep the Honiara environs clean and only quite recently acquired two new rubbish disposal trucks, but sadly it seems Honiara residents dispose of their household rubbish with disregard for the Byelaws and throw their waste by the roadside.

Much praise is to be extended to all those volunteers over the years that have done their very best to beautify Honiara with the planting of many trees and shrubs but only to find wanton vandalism has destroyed their efforts almost overnight.

Tourists are not only interested in accommodation in the places they choose to visit so, like Gizo, let us ensure future tourists will arrive to find Honiara a lovely, clean city befitting a capital in one of the remaining natural paradises in the Western Pacific so easily and economical to visit.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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