Wheelchair users want crossing on road upgrading


THE current road upgrade has excluded accessibility for wheelchair users by means of crossing which has raised a huge concern for people with special needs in Solomon Islands.

They are calling on authorities to address this problem.

Since the Kukum Highway Road Upgrading kicked off, people in wheelchairs have been finding it difficult to cross, basically to access services such market, games and other national activities.

There is no visible ramp for them along the highway from Honiara Central Market to Kukum market that is friendly accessible for crossing.

Speaking for wheelchair users, Mr John Vana, a wheelchair user residing at the National Referral Hospital, said they do not see any crossing point for wheelchair people along the new road.

“We see wheelchair users did not have any access to across the road to have our market, access games and other national activities.

“We want if responsible authorities can look at this issue because the road is meant for everyone whom we also include, not only for able people.

“We want if responsible organization can provide any accessibility on the road upgrading from Market to Kukum for wheelchair and disable people.

“We did not want help from public because they are busy people, but we want do our own thing like going to market, do our own shopping and watching games,” Vana said.

Additionally, Vana explained that before wheelchair users have places for crossing but now the current road is too high for them, and it’s too difficult to access any social activities happening on the opposite side of the road.

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