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Don’t dependent on MPs: Gege

Provincial Secretary of Malaita Provincial Government, Mr Jackson Gege.



Provincial Secretary of Malaita Provincial Government, Mr Jackson Gege.

PROVINCIAL Secretary of Malaita’s provincial government has called on market vendors in Auki not to depend on MPs.

Jackson Gege made the statement during the official opening of the two-day Market for Change (M4C) programme in Auki yesterday.

He said nowadays people depend heavily on MPs for the purpose of addressing their financial needs and other areas of livelihood.

Gege said it is common among people everywhere in the country and it has made people become lazy to do things for their own.

He said people continue to depend on MPs without knowing that everything around is worth money, if they only show willingness to turn them into money.

He added the government, NGOs and other stakeholders have provided the services for the country, but still people never utilise them well.

Gege stressed that this is one of the purpose the “Auki market business fair” under the Market for Change programme has come about.

“This is so that it brings together stakeholders to provide you information on their services, so that you can make things out of it for your benefit.

“In all areas of life you can pursue for your success, services were available and resources also there to do it for you.

“Only to set you on track maybe the problem and this is the reason these stakeholders are here to help you with information about their services.”

Gege thanked the UN Women, UNDP and other stakeholders who participated in the Auki market business fair programme.