Logger to demolish clinic for province

THE Chia Tai logging company which has been carrying out logging operations in Arosi 1 of West Makira in Makira Ulawa Province has agreed that it will demolish Aringana Health Clinic at no cost to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government.

The news was relayed to the Provincial Capacity Development Advisor, Commins Ikioa who has led a three-member training team to carry out training to members of Ward 8 Ward Development Committee in Arosi 1, West Makira.

Mr Ikioa said in Kira Kira, the Makira Ulawa Provincial Capital that he was told the good news at discussions he had with Chia Tai’s Camp Manager and General Manager at Baurosi Camp July 18, 2021.

He said they discussed two issues, the demolition of two buildings at the aging Aringana Health Clinic and the completion of construction work on Asimanioha Health Clinic which has remained uncompleted since 2012.

He said Chia Tai logging company managers told him the company will carry out the demolition work of the two buildings at Aringana Health Clinic at no cost to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government.

And Mr Ikioa said he raised the uncompleted Asimanioha Health Clinic at the discussions after Asimanioha community leaders raised the issue with him.

He said both Chia Tai Managers had assured him that their logging company will help Asimanioha Community to finish the uncompleted Rural Development Program funded project.

Mr Ikioa who thanked the logging company managers for their offer of free help said   that he will inform the Province’s Premier, Julian Maka’a of the logging company’s offer of assistance.

He said the logging company managers will wait to hear from the Provincial Administration before they start to carry out the tasks.

Mr Ikioa told them that he will inform the Provincial Health Director, John Harara about the discussions and for him to liaise with the Aringana Nurse to remove medications, drugs and medicines from the old clinic before demolish work can proceed.

By George Atkin

Kira Kira

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