Maka’a calls on Health Ministry to revisit MOU

The Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a has called on the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to revisit a Memorandum of Understanding it has signed with the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening to deliver health services to the Provinces.

He says as his Provincial Government has been made aware of the Memorandum of Understanding, he appeals to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to revisit it to allow the Provincial Government to support the Health Sector in the efforts to modernize health clinics in the Province.

Mr Maka’a made the statements at the recent handover of Karie Clinic in East Wainoni of East Makira to the Makira Ulawa Health and Medical Services.

He said the re-developed Karie Clinic was a clear testimony the Provincial Government had the in-house technical capability to deliver such health facilities on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services within a record time and for a cheaper cost.

But Premier Maka’a said while the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government had been using resources from the Provincial Capacity Development Fund of the Ministry of the Provincial Governments

and Institutional Strengthening, the improvement of clinical services and staff houses for health workers both at Provincial and the Rural Clinics is yet to be attended to.

He said his Provincial Government pledged technical support to build staff houses to house Provincial Health Workers in better condition homes with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services only had to secure funds under its Capital Budget.

Premier Maka’a assured the Ministry that “my government has qualified Engineers, a Technical Team and the capacity to deliver support services on your behalf on good time”.

By George Atkin

Kira Kira

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