Century gift to be handed over to Makira early Oct

The National Government’s Gift of the Century to Makira, the Kira Kira Ramp, will be handed over to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government in the second week of October.

The Provincial Deputy Premier who is also the Minister of Works, Davies Maemae says the Ministry of Infrastructure Development in Honiara has yet to confirm to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government in Kira Kira the exact date the National Government will hand over its Gift of the Century to the Provincial Government.

He says the dates that are being tossed around for the handover ceremony are October 12 and October 15.

Mr Maemae says the Kira Kira Ramp handover will be carried out without a Warehouse Complex which is part of the project as construction work on it has yet to start.

The Kira Kira Ramp has been constructed by the Trades Transformation Construction Company, normally known locally as TTC.

Mr Maemae says the Warehouse Complex will have such facilities as separate toilet and shower-rooms for men and women with hand-wash basins and a tea-room for arriving and outgoing passengers.

Meanwhile, Deputy Premier and Provincial Works Minister Mr Maemae says the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government has yet to hear from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development in Honiara when will the Makira Road Emergency Maintenance Project be implemented.

He says the part of the road to be covered under the project will be from Rawo River in the eastern outskirts of Kira Kira, the Provincial Capital, and Wango, Ward 8 of Arosi 1.

In the meantime, the Provincial Planning Office in Kira Kira had confirmed Chia Tai Logging Company which has been carrying out logging operations in parts of Arosi 1 in West Makira has been maintaining the piece of road between Wango and Waimarae of Ward 8.

Road transport users who have arrived in Kira Kira have confirmed that road work by Chia Tai has now reached Asimanioha Village and will soon reach Waimarae.

But the big question people living in villages between Waimarae and Marou Bay have been asking is what will happen to their piece of road.

They believe more people will use the road between Waimarae and Marou Bay because along it, there are two clinics and the Tawatana Provincial Secondary School which has secondary forms up to Form 6.

By George Atkin

Kira Kira

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