PILP alumni’s community building workshop wraps up


THE Pacific Islands Leadership Programme (PILP) has wrapped up its community building workshop in an alumni reception at the Mendana Hotel on Sunday.

The event convened the US consulate in Solomon Islands, staff of Taiwan’s Embassy, Solomon Islands National University and participants from Pacific nations who joined the PILP training.

The workshop ended with the PILP alumni being encouraged to use social media as one community platform to utilise for networking, discussion and seeking help needed for a change Pacific nations want.

Taiwan Ambassador, HE Roger Luo and wife with other guest during the closing ceremony of PILP reception.

East West Centre President Dr Richard R Vuylsteke during the closing ceremony said their four-day stay in Honiara for the workshop is to ensure the PILP training continues and encourage more aspiring leaders to be involved.

He said now there is a strong connection between PILP participants which is an indication of success Taiwan and East West Centre have been trying to do for Pacific islands countries.

Mr Vuylsteke said the training aims to build personal competence, leadership capability, and the ability to have confidence.

“I am impressed participants not concerned with their own career development, but looking at ways to serve their community, NGOs, volunteer works and became citizen responsibility.”

Alumni of the PILP smile happily to the camera which they have enjoy their short stay in Honiara.

Deputy Counselor for Taiwan Embassy in Solomon Islands Mr Oliver Weng said the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy knows the importance and value of capacity building for young leaders.

He said Taiwan, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, collaborates with the EWC to organise the PILP training course because they see its significance in changing the mindset of Pacific islands youths.

Weng said Taiwan appreciates EWC for supporting the idea and providing their best facilities and faculty for the programme.

Three locals of the PILP training enjoying their evening with the members of the PILP participants.

“We appreciate contributions and support of SI government, private sectors and through strong support from all participants, we will keep on sponsor PILP program in the future.

“This programme will really help to develop your capacity, and we encourage young leaders to apply and optimistic someday they can the backbone to country in near future.

“We value the friendship of our allies, appreciate the support of Solomon Islands, and know human resource is fundamental for the development,” Weng said.

A male Solomon Islander pose with alumni members of the PILP who are in Honiara for the Community Building

One of the Solomon Islanders who was selected for the programme in 2015/2016 Mr Ednal Palmer said the programme is one of the best that prepares aspiring young Pacific leaders to realise their potentials and map their futures.

“As one of those selected for the East West Centre’s Pacific Islands Leadership Program in 2015 as the third generation of the program, I encouraged young aspiring Solomon Islands leaders to apply,” Palmer said.

PILP alumni participants their reception at the Mendana Hotel on Sunday

“The programme by now produced a large number of young pacific leaders some of whom are now taking leadership roles in their societies and others who are striving to achieve their leadership goals and dreams.

“The training well- prepares individuals. It has a tough selection process, but it is worth joining because of its learning practicality that ensures everyone thrives.

“Last week’s gathering in Honiara is a clear testament of the active and rich networking that exists within the PILP programme,” Palmer said.

The programme includes spending two months in the United States, Hawaii and another month in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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