Low swab for Auki in the past week

Kiluufi hospital
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MALAITA Provincial Emergency Operation Centre for covid-19 at Kilu’ufi hospital has reported that low swabs were taken for Auki township this week.

Chairman of EOC Malaita, Dr Rex Maukera made the statement when asked about the declining number of covid-19 cases reported earlier this week for Auki compared to last week.

He said the decline doesn’t mean there is a curtail on the transmission in Auki, but due to the low number of swabs taken in Auki earlier this week.

Maukera said the rationale for that was covid-19 testing carried out at Kilu’ufi hospital is voluntarily, and it is an individual’s choice to do their test although it is encouraged.

He said also there is a decline on operation for Auki due to human resource, since most of their staff were deployed to East Are Are, Small Malaita and other parts of the province that reported cases.

He also said there are a smaller number of staffs at the hospital and clinics in the province, and they were tasked to man for general illnesses.

According to Maukera, although they are faced with challenges they are planning and doing the best they can to assist people during this situation.

Maukera encouraged people in the province, especially in Auki to voluntarily get their test to know of their status since the virus is prevalent in Auki and other parts of the province.

He said testing is important to track the virus and helps to reduce the current spread of the virus in the province.