Isabelians encouraged to eat from their food garden

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THE Provincial Secretary of Isabel Province John Lokumana says people should rely on their food gardens while awaiting the provincial livelihood team to be activated.

Responding to concerns raised by some communities within Isabel Province, PS Lokumana said due to financial difficulties faced by the province, people should rely on foods from their garden (local food).

“Our livelihood team is yet to be activated but even then, we have no financial support as yet to activate and facilitate the livelihood committee roles and responsibilities”, PS Lokumana said.

He said any lockdown enforced at their community should be lifted to give them access to the sea and even visit their food garden.

“We at Buala still survive with local food provided by the nearby villages and they should also do the same while waiting for rescue which is still to come or may not come at all”, PS Lokumana said.

He also said the medical or Health team cannot attend to swabbing or contact tracing due to no fuel.