Lockdown plan


A lockdown plan was approved by cabinet during their meeting on November 20, 2020.

Deputy Director of the National Disaster Management Office Jonathan Tafiariki revealed during the talkback show yesterday that cabinet has approved a lockdown plan that will target Honiara, Guadalcanal and Central province.

He said that awareness and information will be rolled out this week by government agencies and people in the communities who have questions regarding the lockdown plan must ask those people.

“This lockdown plan will be tailored to the provinces in the emergency zone,” he said.

He also said that last week there has been some information released in the newspapers and if you see those information please read them.

“Those information are for us to know of what we are going to do during lock-downs, information will continue to be released in both print media, radio and posted on social media, and if you happen to see those materials please read through those information,” Tafiariki said.

He also said the plan will be finalized after health come up with their updated response scenario there, they will update the plan lockdown as per instruction from the oversight.

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