5 covid-19 patients discharged

PS Pauline McNeil
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FIVE of the covid-19 patients who have tested negative four times have been released and are now united with their families.

This was confirmed by Pauline McNeil, permanent secretary ministry of health and medical services, yesterday at the covid-19 talkback show.

McNeil said last week Prime minister has announced one positive case a case from Indonesian flight so we have in total now 17 cases of covid-19 recorded in country.

“Of the 17 cases five cases after go through four negative tests that is per our testing regime they are being released to unit with their families.

“But ongoing follow up will be happening just to check on them so that is the five out of the 17,” she said.

McNeil said of the 12 where at the isolation unit one has been shifted to a step-down accommodation and only 11 still at the isolation unit, National Referral Hospital (NRH).

She said in terms of Covid-19 testing, to date the NRH has tested 4731 tests been carried   do far in total.

“We also need a back on our testing capabilities especially on the equipment so effort is now in place to have the national Health Public Laboratory as an alternative testing lab for the country so that is in progress.

“In total we have now 168 persons still in quarantine stations last week we have 162 returning passengers.

“Of the Flight of the Philippine students only 1 left to leave the quarantine facility after completion of the mandatory quarantine period and testing protocol,” said McNeil.