Local observers happy with ballot boxes handling


LOCAL stakeholders who actively participated and observed the country’s first ever historical joint election on Wednesday 17th have voiced their satisfaction.

Speaking to Island Sun at the multi-purpose hall counting center yesterday, Malaita Provincial Youth Council’s observer, Maverick Peter Seda, observed voters having a fair understanding of the voting steps.

“Looking at the voting process, people have been more informed, probably from the awareness raised by SIEC, Media and the other stakeholders,” he remarked.

According to Seda, unlike previous elections where misinformation caused confusion among voters, he was pleased with what he had observed in a couple of polling stations during this year’s election. He noted improvements in voter understanding and smoothness of the process.

Similar to other election observers, his seven-member team will be compiling a report with recommendations based on their observations to be submitted to the SIEC

Sharing the same sentiments, the presiding officer for Kelyn Kindy Polling Station 1 in Ngossi Ward, West Honiara, Father John Ashley in communities was pleased with voters understanding and the general behavior shown during the voting process.

Additionally, a counting agent for an East Honiara candidate who was also a polling agent commented that this election so far has been the most transparent and is satisfied with the efforts SIEC has put into ensuring the integrity of the process.

So far, counting and verification has commenced smoothly for several constituencies nationwide.  

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