Lever’s Russell Islands FTE forfeited


THE Fixed Term Estates title held by Lever Solomons Limited over the Russell Islands in Central Islands Province was legally ‘forfeited’.

This was confirmed by Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) in a notice issued to Island Sun yesterday.

The forfeiture follows an accumulation of annual rentals due to the trust board and two legal notices being served to the company on January 2015 and 16th October 2020.

Alex Bartlett, Secretary to Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) said on 16th November, 2020, the Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) issued a Notice of Forfeiture to Lever Solomons Limited, to pay Annual Rent due to them.

He said Lever Solomons failed to lodge a response.

Furthermore, Bartlett said on 7th December, 2020, Sevev Land TrustBoard (Incorporated) issued a Notice of Re-Entry to Lever Solomons Limited, for having failed to comply with the terms of the Notice Before Forfeiture dated 16th November, 2020, made pursuant to Section 100 Sub-section I of part VII of the Lands and Titles Act (Cap133).

He said by Instrument dated 24th March, 2021, the Registrar of Titles issued a Notice of Registration of Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) Re-Entry of all of Lever Solomons Limited Properties forfeiting all Fixed-Term-Estates previously owned by Lever Solomons Limited.

“On 26th April, 2021, being 30 days after the issuance of the Registrar’s Notice, Lever Solomons Limited failed to lodge an appeal.

“By virtue of the above legal executions, the Fixed-Term-Estates previously owned by Lever Solomons Limited in the Russell Islands had been forfeited forth with,” he said.

“Consequently, by operation of law, Sevev Land Trust Board (Incorporated) had Re-Entered and taken possession and gained ownership of all of Russell Islands,” Bartlett said.

However, when the issue came to light in 2018, Russell Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) Chairman, Patrick Wong denied that FTEs in the Russell Islands were surrendered in 2011.

“…these FTE titles remain in the name of Lever Solomons Limited,” he said in an email.

“The documents you have located, looks like the surrender document, formed as an attachment to the Sale Agreement, which the Company had with SIG in 2011.

“This Sale Agreement was executed by the then Prime Minister, Danny Philip, and this was witnessed by about 50 people in the Cabinet room plus this signing ceremony was also witnessed by 50 people and recorded on One TV.

“If you look closer at page one, the words written and signed by a Notary Public, was signed by Dennis McGuire of Sol-Law,” Wong said.

“Why are the FTE still with LSL? – simple … because SIG never paid the Purchase Price. The Originals would still be with Sol-Law and were never ever released to SIG; to be filed with the Commissioner of Lands – Registrar of Titles.

“Therefore, any call or notation that LSL has already surrendered the FTE back in 2011 is only a dream,” Wong said.

Commissioner of Lands, Allan McNeil said he was not aware of this issue.

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  1. Solomon Islands Government doesn’t have the money to involve in dubious dealings and agreements which may result in million of dollars loss. Please SIG, hold firm and allow God-given wisdom to rule.

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