Kodili Festival 2018 begins today



BUALA Town in Isabel province is now packed with participants to celebrate the five days Kodili Festival 2018, starting today.

Travelling to Buala since the past days that will partake in the festival include 46 participants each from Wards respectively; Kia, Havulei, Kokota, Hovikoilo, Buala,Tirotongna,Koviloko,Kmaga,Kaloka,Tatamba,Sigana,Japuana,Kolotubi,Kolomola,Susubona and Katova plus invited dignitaries, government ministers and delegations and organisations.

It is understood from Kodili Festival’s 2018 Committee that another travelling ship for Honiara participants is expected to arrive at Buala early today morning, being said to be a direct route to the provincial headquarter.

Speaking to Island Sun, youths from Bughotu expressed their excitement to participate in the festival that will be hosted for the second time, as it will be time to showcase their culture.

“The first Kodili Festival 2016 was a big celebration bringing joy and pride for us to showcase our culture and other areas concerning our heritage in which we look forward to showcasing more, making the Kodili Festival 2018 an even more bigger historical one,” said Bughotu youths.

Buala’s Provincial Headquarter Cultural Officer, Eddie Kanijama Kopala, relaying information said it is expected that there will be more than 800 participants including specialised cultural groups and practitioners, as well as youths from the 16 Wards around the province.

“Kodili Festival 2018 will showcase cultural heritage and legacy, and conservation of natural resources in bold and innovative ways,” informed the cultural officer.

“The festival provides the opportunity to raise awareness and educate communities and resource owners about the significance of conservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage of the province. Its aim also is to promote tourism in the province.”

Isabel’s culture and tradition is captured through the participation of bamboo pan pipers, Kodili players and other selected unique performance by groups and artists.

The festival supports the transmission of knowledge and culture to younger generation.

Kodili Festival 2018 starts on June 25 and ends on the 29th (coming Friday).

Expected to take place today on day one of the festival which will start this afternoon around 1pm ending during tonight is the opening of the ceremony, followed by activities of pan pipes, male and female custom dances, festival games, Isabel history drama, educational awareness and Kodili showcase wrapping up.

The theme for the festival this year is: “Our Living Culture Our Future”.

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