PSO’s milestone developments and challenges


THE Public Solicitor Office (PSO) has enhanced its service delivery to the provinces with lawyers stationed at Gizo, Auki, Kira Kira and Lata with a proposed PSO desk for Buala, Isabel province.

PSO representative and Deputy Public Solicitor (DPS), Mr George Gray stressed the above whilst speaking at outgoing Public Solicitor, Mr Douglas Hou’s farewell function, held on June 22 at the Star Harbour Restaurant.

He stated that under Hou’s leadership, the office has managed to achieve a number of milestone developments.

A few of these developments as outlined by Gray are; increased manpower establishments, enhancing PSO service delivery to the provinces, capacity building for local lawyers, short term trainings and student internship.

In light of increased manpower establishments, he explained that PSO has seen an increase in the number of local lawyers over the years and are also equipped with the assistance of advisors provided by their donor friends.

On the other hand, Gray shed light on some of the challenges confronting PSO which include; exit of lawyers due to the low government salary, increased demand for PSO services compounded by serious shortage of lawyers and funding constraints to further enhance their service delivery to provinces and rural areas.

However, he voiced that despite these challenges, Hou must be commended for the efforts that PSO has taken over the last 10 years to reach out with its limited resources to bring about a sense of justice to our people, in Honiara and those the rural areas where they are able to reach.

“On a personal note, we must say that Mr Hou has served the PSO with faithfulness, loyalty, honesty, patience, a kind heart, wisdom, understanding and humbleness. You have taught us to always keep our heads high even when circumstances suppress us. We admire and salute you for that.

“All of us are very privileged to have worked with you and under your supervision, guidance and leadership for the past 10 years up to now,” said Gary.

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