Kirakira health confirms COVID risk low

Kirakira station, in Makira/Ulawa Province
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THERE is low risk of COVID-19 community transmission in Kirakira, according to medical authorities from the township.

Dr Aloysious Samo from Kirakira hospital confirmed this to Island Sun Newspaper this morning.

“We can confirm to you that we are not aware of any community transmission cases here in Kirakira, but we cannot rule that out for now.

Dr Samo said they had followed up on the suspected cases connected to MV Awka, and found the suspects are of low risk and have no COVID-19 symptoms.

“So they are now cleared by the hospital,” Samo said.

He said for now there is no community transmission cases recorded in Makira.

“There is no case here, so what we are doing now is to continue raise awareness in relation to COVID-19 health practices and measures and also more awareness is carried out on stigma,” Samo stated.

He also confirmed that despite the current CVID-19 outbreak the country is facing, the Kirakira hospital still has no COVID-19 testing machine to run COVID-19 tests.