Kira Kira Police sets up Crime Prevention Team in West Makira

The Kira Kira Provincial Police Headquarters of Makira Ulawa Province has set up a Crime Prevention Committee in Arosi two of West Makira in efforts to stop people from brewing, selling and consuming the illegally brewed alcohol, Kwaso and from taking part in unlawful activities.

Provincial Police Commander, Peter Sitai said the first Crime Prevention Committee has been set up at Oneibia Village in Arosi two and its members help Police Criminal Investigators with their investigations into Kwaso production and consumption resulting in consumers committing unlawful activities.

He said the Oneibia Crime Prevention Committee Chairman is Reuben Renga who has reported to Kira Kira Police that Kwaso is one of the main crime drivers in his community.

And Mr Sitai said Mr Renga has reported the latest Kwaso related incident in that area that occurred around of May 28, 2021, when a man, while being intoxicated with Kwaso, entered a nurse’s private house at Ngarigohu Clinic and harassed her.

He said a police source has named the two Kwaso producers at Oneibia Area at the Piapia Village and neighboring Bwabwa settlement.

Mr Sitai said the Oneibia Crime Prevention Committee Chairman Mr Renga has also reported the CPC team has confiscated distillation utensils/apparatus that are being stored at Chief Aunimuri’s house at Piapia.

Mr Sitai says Mr Renga has reported two separate cases involving an ex-prisoner of Anuta Island off shore of Oneibia Village, who was allegedly being involved in a rape case while the other involves intimidation and malicious damage at Hada Village also of Arosi two.

Meanwhile PPC Sitai said Kira Kira Police Headquarters is sending this week a Police team to the area in an Operation Code Name ‘Free Arosi 2’ to investigate the reported cases.

And Chairman of Oneibia Crime Prevention Committee, Mr Renga has assured Kira Kira Police Headquarters that his Committee members are ready to support the police crime investigators with their investigations.

He adds they are armed with information on the criminal activities and those committing them.

By George Atkin

  Kira Kira

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