Male student takes his own life in Makira

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Kira Kira Police of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Headquarters says its crime investigators are investigating a report that a male student from Nuku Kaisi in the Makirima Area of West Bauro, Central Makira had taken his own life.

PPC Peter Sitai said his crime investigators who have been to the scene have yet to find evidence as to whether or not the student, whose name has not been revealed, may have died as a result of suicide.

He said what the crime investigators had been told so far is the student had a rope around his neck when his body was found between 1pm and 2pm of June 1, 2021.

Mr Sitai adds his crime investigators had discovered the young Tikopian male student had a failed relationship with a girl.

But he said investigations into the boy’s death are continuing, and he appeals to those with information on the fatal incident to report them to the CID Office in Kira Kira Police Headquarters.

By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent