Kilu’ufi investigates sale of drugs in Auki

Kiluufi hospital
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KILU’UFI hospital is investigating the sale of drugs in Auki reported to have been linked to the hospital.

Director of Malaita Provincial Health Authority, Dr Rex Maukera told this paper yesterday according to reports, there was a recent public sale of drugs particularly panadol in Auki.

Maukera said since then they have lodged an internal investigation at Kilu’ufi and in Auki; this investigation is yet to complete, he adds.

He said Kiluufi hospital would like to deny any involvement in this matter, and is urging everyone to wait for the investigation result.

Maukera said they have a strong monitoring system in place in all departments at Kilu’ufi hospital and any such illegal activity should be detected.

However, he does not rule out the slight possibility that some people may have found a way to bypass their security system.

Maukera also poses the possibility that the country has other outlets which sell the drug, and that the recent incident in Auki could have got its source from one of these outlets, such as a pharmacy.

He said sale of whatever drugs or medicine is prohibited and those involved in the activity as reported are asked to stop.

Maukera said only health professionals are trained and authorised to prescribe and give drugs to people who need medication especially the sick.