Covid-19 picking up again on Malaita

Director of Malaita Health, Dr Rex Maukera.
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COVID-19 community transmission is reportedly picking up again in Malaita province.

Malaita’s emergency operation centre (EOC) chairman Dr Rex Maukera said in the recent weeks they have been receiving new cases from as far as Malu’u in northern region and also from Atoifi hospital in the eastern region.

Maukera, who also the Director of Malaita provincial health, said most of the cases were picked in Auki – at Auki clinic, Kilu’ufi hospital and at the passengers’ swabbing centre at Auki wharf.

He said this calls for public to continue observing covid-19 regulations and safety measures.

Maukera said people are urged to continue wearing facemask, apply social distancing, hand-washing, sanitiser and if tested positive they must go into home care and isolation.

He said provincial health continues to monitor and provide support to health centres across the province.

Maukera also called on the public of Malaita who are planning to travel to Honiara that swab testing for passengers at Auki wharf is compulsory to all.

He said the exercise is important as it tries to curb the transmission of the virus, thus public’s adherence is important in this collective fight.

Maukera said most cases from Auki in the recent days were picked at Auki wharf and those people were not granted permission to board vessels to Honiara until they’re free of covid-19.

He called on public across the province that the virus is still at large and people must continue to uphold basic covid-19 measures at home and in public spaces.

Maukera said on Tuesday this week they have two admitted covid-19 patients at Kilu’ufi isolation centre with mild conditions.