Keep Honiara clean

DEAR EDITOR, as an indigenous and concerned Solomon Islander, I raise my concerns on why Honiara needs to be clean. Ministry of Infrastructure and Rural Development, Honiara City Council and other responsible authorities are urged to consider this.

Cleanliness is an issue in our town. As highlighted in a statement made by the Pacific Games Council President Vidhya Lakhan in Solomon Star on February 26, 2018, which says, “We need clean Honiara for 2023 Pacific Games”. It is obvious that rubbish such as empty plastics and cans can be seen along the streets of Honiara every day. Dust is experienced almost everywhere in the street. Betel nut stains are seen on the walls of some shops and along some streets of Honiara town. These factors have therefore, contributed to the uncleanliness of our town.

Honiara needs a clean environment for our health and to encourage visitors and business people coming into our country. To improve this area, installing more bins along the streets and regular collection of rubbish everywhere in Honiara must be carried out effectively. All shops and restaurants must have adequate rubbish bins and, betel nuts selling along the streets of Honiara must thoroughly banned. Policies on public littering including their heavy penalties must be strongly exercised. Conducting awareness programmes on littering and recycling process for recycle waste materials are another way forward to have clean environment in Honiara town. These opinions are therefore, regarded as way forward to keep Honiara clean. Furthermore, they only work out once they are effectively carried out.

Here I would like to urge all Solomon Islanders to be responsible and care for our beloved city, Honiara. Besides, I want to call upon responsible authorities to put more emphasis on this issue. Let us work together to improve the standard of our town. With that, I believed my suggestions can be heard by the public.

Francis Tahokeni

USP Laucal campus

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