Honiara city enforcement litter bylaw

DEAR EDITOR, while this has raised concern to Honiara City Council that “Enforcement of litter Bylaw” is no longer implemented and power to embark at silence. The authority must seriously look into this problem that continue to degrade the environment, social and economic development in the city.

Honiara City Council (Litter Bill 2009) was enacted and strongly imposed all citizen to respect this bylaw and make sure that disposal of rubbish is manageable by individuals. For example, prolong to eradicate betel nut spiting along the street of Honiara City is alarming and create unhealthy lifestyle, escalating majority of people continue denial with unrealistic behaviour.

Rectifying the situation, the authority must review its policy to enact rules put in place and those who break this bylaw are penalise. Therefore, all citizen must feel responsible since social impact of this problem is sky-rocketing and people need transformation. Practically, people cultural norms, social behaviour and attitude must intact within the authority regulation.

Finally, analysing this problem the authority must accentuate this bylaw in a holistic approach through learning institutions in the country whilst educational dialogue must transmitted to embrace strong networking in the society.   Respectively, awareness programme and social media are emphasise to eradicate this problem in the city.

The authority is strongly encourage to evaluate the root cause of this problem in order to implement this bylaw. Clean environment is consolidating to tourism industry and eminent to economic development in the country.

Alfred M

USP Student

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