Thumbs up SIPEU

Dear editor,

PLEASE allow me space to give my acknowledgement and support to the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPU) to pursue an action to ensure the Long Service Benefit for retired public servants is tax excepted.

I understand the Union met with Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela early this year to discuss the issue of avoiding tax from LBS.

Whether the issue is taken onboard by government or not, I believe SIPU has taken a major step to address the concern of retired public servants.

This has shown SIPU’s commitment to serve the interest of public employees.

Singing the same chorus with SIPU, retired public servants deserve their full benefit as a token of appreciation from the government for their hard work in the public service.

They have been paying taxes during their term so what’s the reason for deducting taxes from their last hope of benefit.

I know the government has its own reason for deducting tax from LBS.

Meanwhile, I would like to see the government to consider and take action into the recommendations submitted by SIPU to ensure the benefit is not taxed.

If there is a need to review and amend the country’s taxation law, I would like to see the government consider this for the sake of our retired Public Servants.

This is to ensure our retired Public Servants are treated fairly when it comes to taxing their benefits.

For SIPU you have done a great job and you deserve an acknowledgement for you are serving the interest of retired public servants or those who may be affected by this deduction.

My God be with you SIPU as u strive to serve the interest of public employees.

Fredrick Kusu

USP SI Campus

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