Jungle rule

Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo supplied
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A LOGGER has questioned the connection between President of the Solomon Forest Association (SFA) Jonny Sy and certain key and influential players in the Government.

Managing director of Orion Limited, Chan Chee Min raised the issue after Sy sold Cowboy’s Grill Bar and Restaurant Limited to Clandestine Entertainment Limited.

According to documents Island Sun cited, Sy sold Cowboys for $1 million to Clandestine, whose shareholders are the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic, Attorney General John Muria Junior and Our Party’s lawyer Wilson Rano.

Documents show that Djokovic’s wife Therese injected $500,000 into Clandestine, while Muria Junior and Rano each contributed $250,000.

Chan said incriminating documents mentioned that should such information (gifting of shares in Clandestine Entertainment Limited to the Attorney General and others falls into the wrong hands), the consequences could be dire – for SFA as well as the government.

“In short, it has the potential to bring down the government,” he alleged.

Chan Chee Min said he had this information way back in 2018, but chose to remain silent.

“Now that SFA and its President has made me a victim of their plot, I will start releasing every incriminating document progressively to expose SFA’s ‘vile’ plots,” he said.

However, former Prime Minister and long-time senior public servant Gordon Darcy Lilo said there was nothing wrong with the sale of shares in business to another person.

But Lilo said the question is does Djokovic and John Muria Junior have to continue as private investors or actors of public institutions.

Lilo said former United States President, Donald Trump had to surrender his business interests to trust before he took up the presidency.

“Anyone craving for public institutions cannot serve two masters,” Lilo said.

“The risk is the possibility of compromising in their decision,” he added.

Lilo said the Attorney General, as the government’s chef legal advisor, must avoid putting himself in situations that would give rise to members of the public questioning his standing and decisions.

“Cowboy’s Grill is a public entertainment like casino so your hands must be clean to avoid conflict of interest.

 “If they declare their shares with Leadership Code Commission, they must also show duty of care.

“It is your duty to take care in a very vigilant and responsible manner,” Lilo said.

He added it is public knowledge that certain SFA members secured jobs with State Owned Enterprise like Solomon Ports Authority.

 “Where were these guys when the government reformed SIPA?” Lilo asked.