SFA helps with $1.7m to combat covid

Members of SFA handing over the $1.7 million cheque to members of the Government Oversight Committee and senior ministers. Photo: Barnabas Manebona
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MEMBERS of the Solomon Forest Association (SFA) have joined hands to donate $1.708 million towards the Government’s response to combat covid-19.

The $1.708 million was handed over to the Covid-19 Oversight Committee on Saturday during a golf event SFA sponsored at the Honiara Golf Club.

A number of senior government ministers, including Finance minister Harry Kuma, witnessed the handover ceremony.

Speaking at the event, SFA spokesperson Bing Bing thanked SFA members who have contributed to the cause, as well as golfers who participated in last Saturday’s competition.

Ms Bing said SFA is committed to working with the Government to support its covid-19 response and prevention.

“We are a year into the Covid-19 Pandemic and sadly, infections and deaths are increasing in many parts of the world,” Bing said.

“While we all continue to face unprecedented challenges as a result of Covid-19, Solomon Islands through the establishment of the Joint Oversight Committee under the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has been extremely successful in combatting Covid-19 and preventing its spread,” she added.

“We hope to see Solomon Islands continues this trajectory and that it remains an example for other nations to follow.

“On behalf of Solomon Forest Association, please allow me to extend our sincere gratitude to all donors for your gracious contribution and support, and to all golfers who have participated in making this event successful.

“The SFA is committed in working with the Solomon Islands Government to support its Covid-19 prevention and response efforts, both now and in the future.

“I am proud to present the donation to our Solomon Islands Government amounting to $1.708 million, which was contributed by the SFA, fellow member companies and our Chinese log buyers.

“We hope this will help Solomon Islands in its preparedness and response plans to combat the threat of Coronavirus.

“May everyone stay safe, healthy and most importantly be virus free,” Bing said.

Chair of Covid-19 Oversight Committee James Remobatu thanked SFA, all members and stakeholders for the genuine and generous donation.

“On behalf of the oversight committee, the government and people of Solomon Islands I would like to thank SFA and all members and stakeholders for the genuine and generous donation.”

The Government is expected to issue a statement on this latest donation today.

Here are SFA members who contributed the $1.708 million:

  1. Solomon Forest Association, (amount) 700,000
  2. Gallego Resources Limited, (amount) 100,000
  3. Grace Logging Limited, (amount) 100,000
  4. Mega Enterprises Limited,  (amount) 100,000
  5. New Ocean (SI) Limited, (amount) 100,000
  6. Samlimsan (SI) Limited, (amount) 100,000
  7. Xiang Lin Timber (SI) Limited, (amount) 100,000
  8. Mas Pacific International, (amount) 50,000
  9. PWP(SI) Limited, (amount) 50,000
  10. Muhibah (SI) Limited, (amount) 50,000
  11. Sonic Phase (SI) Company LTD, (amount) 50,000
  12. SKT Wawasan (SI) LTD, (amount) 30,000
  13. New Venture Limited, (amount) 20,000
  14. Burwood Limited, (amount) 10,000
  15. Chia Tai Enterprises SI LTD, (amount) 10,000
  16. Elite Shipping Services (SI) Limited, (amount) 10,000
  17. Gulf Three Limited, (amount) 10,000
  18. Jubilant Development Limited, (amount) 10,000
  19. Middle Island Investment PTY LTD, (amount) 10,000
  20. Morning Star CO LTD, (amount) 10,000
  21. Rima Limited, (amount) 10,000
  22. Shalom Limited, (amount) 10,000
  23. Synergy Brisk (SI) Limited, (amount) 10,000
  24. Sunwood Enterprises LTD, (amount) 5,000
  25. Metro Team Limited, (amount) 3,000

Total: $1,658,000.00

Non-member and buyers:

  • Osta Bright CO., (amount) 10,000
  • Jiashu Ronghe, (amount) 20,000
  • Sunwin Timber(Tian Yi Company), (amount) (amount) 20,000

      Total: $50,000

Grand total: $1,708,000