What has become of Rove seafront?

WHERE is the Honiara City Council?

And what are they doing about illegal developments in Honiara?

In March last year, the council demolished a retention wall at the Rove seafront that was built at the mouth of the stream that runs from the Ngossi-Tasahe area.

The developer was a Chinese Hong Jun Zhong.

Zhong reportedly acquired that space to build a commercial building.

Problem is any building constructed on the site will effectively block the stream’s outlet, causing flooding in the area.

In fact that’s what’s been happening after Zhong built the retention wall.

At the order of City Council Rence Sore, the retention wall was demolished and the proposed building put on halt.

But it seems the matter has not been solved at all because Zhong – or another developer – has returned to the area and started filling it up again.

During the heavy rain on Wednesday, flooding was again evident on the road and nearby areas.

Residents have complaint that this is going to get worse if the development on the site is allowed to proceed.

When the Island Sun contacted the city council yesterday for an explanation, we were told a statement would be issued later.

But here’s the thing.

If the development is allowed to go ahead, the entire Rove area would always go under water every time there’s a big rain.

It will affect the road as well as the residents living there.

Why is the council reneging on its earlier decision to stop the work on the site?

This is not what residents of the city expect from their councilors.

Can the city clerk Rence Sore and the mayor Wilson Mamae explain what has become of the Rove seafront?

Have they given it away to another developer?

Something is not right here.

Sore and Mamae must come out and explain it!

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