Japan funds water supply projects to Fauala and Afio communities in Malaita.



COMMUNITIES of Fauala and Afio in Central Kwara’ae constituency have benefited from Japan’s water supply projects under its Grassroots and Human Security Project for Solomon Islands.

The water projects which cost USD69,250 each, around SBD1.1 million, is aimed to improve public health infrastructure in Solomon Islands through installing water supply systems or sanitation facilities for communities.

Officiating the handover of the projects on Monday was His Excellency, Miwa Yoshiaki accompanied by a team from the Japan Embassy office in Honiara, Premier Daniel Suidani and members of his executive, rep from provincial RWASH and Malaita provincial health.

H.E Miwa Yoshiaki gets a drink from the Japan’s funded Fauala water supply project that is handed over to Fauala community on Monday this week.

Speaking during the handover ceremonies, HE Yoshiaki said the people and government of Japan are very happy to provide Fauala and Afio communities with water supply systems.

He said water is an absolute necessity of life and that nobody can live without water. Adding that it also important for industries or related activities as the country is developing.

Yoshiaki said the availability of water supply in the communities will support people with all activities of life that require water.

Thus, he urged the communities that now they have received water projects, it is just the beginning of a long development journey ahead.

Yoshiaki said the water projects are development themselves and will also contribute to other developments the communities will pursue in future.

(L-R) Juri Kikuchi, Lady Yoshiaki and H.E Miwa Yoshiaki after being presented with shell money gifts by the community of Fauala on Monday this week.

Yoshiaki urged the communities to take great care of the water projects to benefit the generations to come.

He also thanked the provincial RWASH office in Malaita, Malaita provincial government and two MPAs for wards two and 29 for supports behind the successful completion of the projects.

On that note, reps from the communities acknowledged people and government of Japan through their embassy in Honiara for the support.

Silas Maefoa from Afio village said for the first time in three decades their community has a decent water supply system.

Members of Fauala during the handing over of their water supply project on Monday this week.

“All along our women and children fetched water from nearby river and other water sources for our used.

“The project is indeed a relief and will definitely ease the water burden we once endured in the past,” he said.

Robert Rade Buai from Fauala village also shared similar sentiments as his community too faced challenges of water in the past.

He thanked Japan for the support of the project that will have great impact on the life of people in their communities.

More than 1,000 people from the two communities will benefit from the water projects.

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