Issue of rape

DEAR EDITOR, as a young woman, I currently find myself struck with outrage following the recent escalation in reported rape offences in our society.

Since the beginning of 2018, I have personally read about five different rape cases published by the media.

As we all know, the subject of rape is a culturally sensitive matter that is not often discussed openly or freely by many.

Nevertheless, if we truly aspire to address this problem then we must take action now.

First and foremost, we all must acknowledge this simple fact: ‘Rape is not just a woman’s issue. It is also a man’s issue’.

Therefore, it requires everyone’s collective efforts to strive toward the common good for our girls and women.

Responsible authorities such as the ministry responsible for women’s affairs and non-governmental organisations should consider incorporating more educational initiatives to provide awareness at community levels and within our schools.

These awareness programmes should provide basic information about rape and the social institutions which are triggering it to thrive in our society.

Educating people, especially our youth, is essential because it provides them with a better understanding of the issue.

Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, therefore it is important that we keep them informed of the happenings in their societies.

These values and ideas will hopefully one day be used to effectively reduce the high prevalence of rape in our country.

This subject must not be overlooked.

Victims of sexual violence within our communities must be encouraged to speak up and seek justice.

It is time to break the walls of silence to protect the rights of our girls and women.

Andrea Ma’ahanua

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