Traffic jam

DEAR EDITOR, as a concern citizen and public user of the road, I would like to write concerning the above issue that has becoming one of the factor that contributed to the so called term, “Solomon time”.

As this issue came into place, little has been done to solve it until it become worsen that I have to write.

Now a days, if you were to go to any public service office as early as 8:00 AM you would see that the office is still empty.

For instance, few months ago I went to the bank and there were only few tailers there until 10am.

Even bus go on short route because of the traffic jam which further add to another problem.

Of course the increase in number of new vehicles has been one of the factor however, if we have good roads with proper signs and street lights, that wouldn’t be a problem.

The number of vehicles imported into our country should also be reduced.

There are also too many pot holes along our roads that needs to be fixed which contributes to this issue.

Our Government or responsible authorities should by now take some action in considering some of considered ideas above.

It’s good to see that our new round about at town council contributes to the flow of traffic on that area, as other maintenance are currently ongoing at Kukum and Didao area.

Hopefully all our roads, especially our main roads are upgraded with proper signs and street lights along the roads to control the flow of traffic.

Alaendra Lenell Muke

USP Emalus Campus

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