DEAR EDITOR, as a student and a concerned citizen of Solomon Islands, it is sad to know that Solomon Islands has the highest rate of unemployment.

This has become an issue and a problem for the country especially the youths.

Currently, youths and women are vulnerable to this where 80 percent of people end up in criminal activities, prostitution, and anti-social behavior.

In our capital today, u can see young people along the streets selling betel-nuts, cigarette for the means of earning a living.

Whilst some young girls went to those fishing vessels to used up their bodies in exchange for money.

Moreover, others also involving in selling our local brew for fast income which is illegal.

In order to underlying the importance of this issue, there needs to be an increase of educational institution for the large number of drop outs to further their studies.

Provide more jobs allocation for the low qualification to afford jobs to sustain their living thus help in reducing unemployments in the rural area.

Hence, if our relevant authorities or our government would consider these points, then we should reduce these legal activities which taking place frequently in our country.

This is for the betterment of our people to live a happy, joyous, peaceful and a prosperous life from shore to shore in our happy Isles Solomon Islands.


Yours sincerely,

Edrie Hanirara

Emalus Campus, USP

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