Isabel opts for federalism

By Mike Puia

NEWLY installed paramount chief of Maringe District in Isabel province, Mr Clement Rojumana, says his province is in full support of the proposed federal system of government.

Rojumana said they believe the federal system is the solution to power and rules in the country.

The former Member of Parliament made these statements during his enthronement as Maringe District’s paramount chief at Buala last Wednesday.

Rojumana said their preferred governance system will only be achieved through the federal constitution under a new order.

It is understood the federal system of government draft has been completed and will be handed to the Prime Minister soon.

Rojumana said the national government’s decision to abolish the area council system is an attempt by the national government to centralise governance function by an act of parliament.

He said his people wanted Solomon Islands to become a republic.

Rojumana said his people’s wish to adopt federalism were shared to their premier and are repeatedly expressed during consultations held in their province over the last 11 years.

He said some of their members of Parliament reserved their vote in favour of the federal system claiming it is expensive.

Rojumana said the cost of running a government can be counted but the experience of locals to the impact of a government system that does not work well to the people is hard to count.

He said he attended the Buala communique in 2000, after the signing of the Townsville Peace Agreement in Australia, and there was overwhelming support from warring parties for the federal system of governance.

Rojumana said ‘the federal system of governance not only divides executive, legislative and judiciary function but institutes a federal system which preserves huge and sovereign rights to local communities’.

He said federalism will give authority to leaders of all tier of the government structure to rule as expected.

“I hope this will become the blueprint for the future direction of our people and nation,” Rojumana added.

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