Malaita to host 2nd Appointed Day celebrations in Afio



THIS year the Malaita provincial government will host its Second Appointed Day celebrations in Afio in the southern region, Small Malaita.

This is the first time for the occasion to be hosted in Small Malaita.

This was agreed upon by the executive and the local organising committee to host this celebration in one of the sub-stations in Malaita province.

This apparently is not the first time for the province’s big day to be hosted in a sub-station; in 2014 it was marked in Malu’u, north Malaita.

This year’s celebration will be different from other celebrations hosted in Auki because it will take three days starting this weekend.

The programme includes the reopening of the Paresi airport in Small Malaita which was closed for more than 10 years – it will be reopened this Saturday.

The famous Yam festival in Small Malaita will also be included in the programme where it will fall on August 12.

The Second Appointed Day for Malaita falls on August 13.

The delegation including some government dignitaries, private stakeholders and other invited guests will leave Auki this Friday for Afio.

Arrangements and preparations are currently underway.

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