Investigation into fatal accident continues

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    THE court was informed on Tuesday that investigation into the fatal accident on September 15 which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old girl is yet to be completed.

    Public Prosecutor Freliz Fakari said that part of the evidence was already received from investigators with only few statements left to be collected from witnesses.

    Ms Fakari said investigators were unable to locate the witnesses and thus some statements are still outstanding.

    Meanwhile the defence lawyer representing the accused is seeking disclosures from the prosecution so that they can obtain instructions from the accused.

    This is the case against a 26-year-old woman from Isabel, Veslyn Ririana, who police alleged had caused death by reckless driving on a 15-year-old girl on the night of September 15.

    She is facing three charges in relation to traffic offences.

    The allegation said Ms Ririana on the night of September 15 was driving a motor vehicle along the Mendana Avenue in the westerly direction when the incident occurred.

    Police said the motor vehicle was allegedly approaching the HCC roundabout at high speed when the vehicle went off the road and allegedly hit the deceased who was walking in an easterly direction on the road near the Solomon Water office.

    Police attended to the fatal accident and assisted the victim to the National Referral Hospital. She was later pronounced dead by medical authorities.

    The suspect was transported to the Central Police Station and formally arrested for causing death by reckless and dangerous driving under the Traffic Act.

    Ririana also was given a Random Breath Test (RBT) and shows that her alcohol blood reading was 0.184 percent well above the legal rate of 0.050 percent.

    The accused was also arrested for driving an unlicensed motor vehicle which expired on June 30, 2018 and driving without a driver’s licence.

    Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea then adjourned the case to October 9, prosecution to follow on the outstanding statements and file to the defence lawyer during the adjournment.

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