Unknown funds

CDF joint funding unmasked – figures revealed


By Alfred Sasako

IF you think the controversial Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is the only funding constituencies received over the years, think again.

Since 2012, all 50 constituencies had been allocated additional funds via Government departments, according to a document obtained by Island Sun.

The additional funding comes through various programmes administered by government departments such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Forest and Research, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Solar fund.

Project funding through these ministries totalled $6.6 million annually.

In addition, there is annual funding for rural livelihood, fisheries, health, Support Youths and Shipping with total funding of $9.9million

Some $4.8 million were also shared by constituencies annually through funding by Taiwan for health and education, Micro Project, Youths and Water and Sanitation, according to the document.

Island Sun is unable to independently verify the figures, but the document shows constituencies received multiple fundings totalling $21.3 million in additional funding each year.

This is in addition to the $30.4 million in CDF funding each Constituency would have received in the four years to December this year.

Taken together, each Constituency would have received up to $52 million in CDF grants and other project funding through government departments in any one year.

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