Three years and six months in jail for man


The man who was charged for having pushed another man down the slope at the Skyline area on August 27, 2016 has been sentenced to three and half years on Tuesday.

The accused, Allen Owen, was charged with one count of grievous harm and convicted after a trial.

The sentence was delivered by Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea on behalf of his colleague Principal Magistrate Augustine Aulanga.

The court said that for people to take law into their own hands is not a good way to resolve problems, there are avenues parties can engage to resolve their differences.

But on this case the accused has taken law into his own hands which led him into another trouble.

The court said considering the report made by the medical doctor (Dr Stephen Kodovaru) who examined the victim gave evidence on oath that the victim was x-rayed. He discovered that his right tibia bone that extended to his knee was broken. Being concerned for his blood vessels because of the swelling to his leg, he then inserted external fixtures/antenna/braces to support his broken leg. He was kept under close observation for about a month in the hospital. The reason for that long admission was for insertion of internal fixation of his right leg.

Due to the seriousness of the offence the court sees it fit that a sentence of three and half years in jail is appropriate on the case and the time spent in custody to be taken into account.

The court also remind the accused and also a message for the people not to involve in unlawful activities, taking law into ones hands can always lead to another problem therefore think before involve in such unlawful behaviour.

This is the incident occurred on August 27 2016, where the victim, Joe Frazer Pitamama and his wife went to Girl-guard area near the NPF Plaza. Whilst at Girl-guard, his father called his wife through mobile and advised her that if they return home, they should not drop at Skyline because some people from Shortland wanted to kill the victim. About 4:00pm of that day, they returned but dropped at Skyline.

After they got out from the bus, the victim went to pay cigarette whilst his wife was waiting for him at the roadside. That was the same side of the road that the US memorial was built. It was at that point that the defendant approached the victim and met him at the top of a slope.

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