International Day against corruption marked


Honiara marked the international day against corruption on December 14.

The event was aimed at calling for action and raising awareness against corruption.

Assistance Secretary Policies and Programme, Philip Manakako when delivering his remarks said according to the Solomon Islands National Against Corruption Strategy 2017, corruption continues to be a serious problem in Solomon Islands. 

Manakako said it has affected the effectiveness and efficiency of the public service and the ability of the government to provide goods and services to its citizens.

“Corruption is driven by many factors including: weak institution, weak law enforcement, captured elites and low trust in state institutions. But, ultimately it is driven by greed,” he said.

Assistance Secretary Policies and Programme, Philip Manakako

Manakako said addressing corruption is a priority of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) and since the enactment of the Anti-Corruption Act and Whilst Blower Protection Act 2018, the focus was on supporting the work to established Solomon Islands Independence Commission against Corruption (SIICAC).

On the same note he calls on everyone to unite against corruption.

“We must unite against corruption –as the theme for the 2022 Anticorruption Day rightly states. We must work and walk together to defeat corruption. We must champions and take ownership of this fight.

“People of Solomon Islands deserve better and we owe this country to our children and the future generations. The challenges, rests with our current generation of decision makes form the highest office to parenting role in our homes, development partners, Non-governmental Organisations, Civil Society, “Churches and each citizen, young and old, women and men, boys and girls to make a united stand against corruption,” Manakako said.

He said the decisions made today and actions people took will shape and will determine Solomon Islands.

“The decisions we make today, and the actions we undertake, will shape and will determine a Solomon Islands we are leaving to our children and their children.

“Let us Unite against Corruption. Let us leave a legacy for our future generations that we can be all proud of, and a legacy that will help chart the course of this country going forward free from corruption,” Manakako said.

SIICAC Director General John Kouni.

Solomon Islands Independence Commission against Corruption (SIICAC) Director General John Kouni said this is the first year that the SIICAC is taking the lead as the statutory mandated independent body of the government, to lead the international anti-corruption day celebration.

“We are humbled to witness the display of willingness on your respective parts, to be active partners in our common fight against corruption,” Kouni said.

He said corruption is one of greatest threats to the country’s development. A challenge to attaining country’s desire to achieve joy, peace, progress and prosperity.

“Today (yesterday), is an opportunity to critically reflect and consider what decisive steps to take as well as coordinate efforts in dealing difficult moments when men and women of goodwill and unparalleled vision gathered in the face of great challenges to curve a new course and blueprint for the future,” Kouni said.

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