Panatina ridge robbery case returns to court today


The case of defendant Samson Damisulia who was charged with one count of armed robbery comes back to court today for the defendant to take his plea.

In the previous hearing the matter was called before Principal Magistrate Dalcy Belapitu Oligari where the Public Solicitor duty lawyer for that day told court the defence counsel was still sick and he provided his medical report to the court. Defence counsel also sought the court for the matter to be mentioned in court today as his client will be ready for arraignment.

Magistrate Oligari adjourned the matter for today for the hearing of the defendant’s plea. Remand warrant for the defendant was extended.

Prosecution alleged the complainant are husband and wife aged 62 and 59 and they are from Korea but Solomon Island citizen.

On September 7, 2023 both were having their peaceful sleep at their home at Panatina Ridge, East of Honiara. Around 2 to 3 am early in the morning, the first victim was awoken following popped up message via his mobile phone from his son from Korea. Whilst reading the message he heard noises coming from their living room, he taught his wife must have awoken because they were sleeping in two separate room.

Prosecution stated, the victim did not close his door and when he looks outside, he saw two unknown male walking around in their living room. He quickly approached them and both defendants allegedly confront the victim.

The allegation stated that one of the defendants pull out an object from his bag believed to be a screw driver and attack the victim. Victim tried to reached out for his golf bat and tried to defend himself with it unfortunately, the victim sustained a heavy blow of an object on his left eye. Victim shout out loudly and fell on the floor unconsciously.

Prosecution stated that the victim wife woke up from his husband’s shout and rushed outside and saw her husband has been attacked and that he was holding onto his left eye, bleeding.

As the wife switched on the light to assist her injured husband, she also attacked by one of the defendants which she also received a wound on her right-side head. Bleeding helplessly, she tried to call the police for help but no one was able to assist her since her.

The two defendants fled the scene with 3 mobile phones and cash of SBD $1200.00.

The wife assists her husband inside their private car to the National Referral Hospital. The matter was later reported to the police the next morning.  

Prosecution alleged the defendant escaped to his home province Malaita but was arrested by the police on the 15 September and were escorted back to Honiara on September 17, where he been placed in custody at Rove.

Office of Public Prosecution appears for the Crown and Public Solicitor Office appears for the Defendant Damisulia.

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