Hovi School plans to have Form-6 by 2025

Gao Bugotu CPO Francis, Hovi Adventist Secondary Principal, Forest, MP Manetoali and MRD Agnes Tanihorara ready to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new classroom.
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HOVI Adventist Secondary and Primary school in Gao Bugotu, Isabel Province aspires to reach Form 6 by 2025.

This year, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) run school registered Form one and Form two.

Principal Gilbert Fores said Hovi Secondary school is likened to a new born baby forced to be born last year and probably because of underweight it had 50/50 chance to survive thus it underwent nursery as it were with basic necessities, which are of course the classroom, the staff house and the resources.

Students of Hovi Adventist singing the national anthem.

He said with exception of present dormitories and ablutions, these are not directly funded.

Further to that, Principal Fores said the school thanked Ministry of Education, SDA education authority and Isabel Province education for their efforts to register Form 1 and Form 2 this year.

“We are getting on well although still crawling and malnourished with resources, but the young girl is growing and will grow beautifully,” he said.

“Before you, are our students, they are so important to us, they are what we here for, it is for them that we sacrifice our money, time, skill and possession.”

MP Manetoali, Agnes Tanihorara, CPO Francis and Principal Fores with the new generator and printing machine.

A total of 80 students have enrolled, with 44 in Form 1 and 36 in Form 2.

Principal Fores said it is more than what one stream classroom requires, and let alone one dormitory requires as well.

“However, that is not their problem, that is our problem and challenge.

“And requires us to say ‘let’s do something’,” he said.

Fores said the school wants also to thank the communities, teachers and students for their tremendous support in the development of the school so far and what they see today are the hands of all of them put together.

Hovi Adventist Principal Gilbert Fores and MP for Gao Bugotu Samuel Manetoali.

He said the school vision is ‘transforming lives into a new person’.

The school motto is “Everything with God”.

Fores said part and partial of their student learning that this school practically uphold are both the academic and discipline, academic, student acquire knowledge.

“Discipline, shaping student lives to be a better boys and girls, they are left and right hand of true education.

“So over time we reduce from 80 to 60 serious student who put education a priority,” he said.