Honiara PPC suspended


The provincial police commander (PPC) for Honiara City is on suspension.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau confirmed this yesterday, adding the decision was taken due to the PPC’s “behaviour and actions” which “does not speak well of him”.

Superintendent John Matamaru was reportedly given his suspension letter on Tuesday last week.

Mangau said he had received two complaints on Matamaru, one from a senior police officer and one from a Bangladesh national.

According to reports reaching Island Sun, Matamaru had had a row with the Bangladeshi at the Central police station early last week, followed by a confrontation at the Bangladeshi’s premises later that day.

Matamaru was served his suspension letter the next day.

Sources close to the matter have however, questioned the speed at which Matamaru’s case was dealt with, saying, “normally such internal matters take time before an officer facing allegations are interdicted.

“Certainly not hours!”

“But, with PPC Matamaru’s case, the incident with the Bangladeshi occurred on Monday, and the next day, when he went for their usual Executive meeting, he was given his suspension letter by Commissioner Mangau.”

Mangau yesterday also brushed aside allegations of any political interference in Matamaru’s case.

“There is no outside interference in our decision to suspend him, police issues are under my powers to deal with and administer and nothing to do with outside set-up or political interference.”

His response was to allegations that a relative of a government minister was accompanying the Bangladeshi during the incident at the Central police station.

“Police have its own discipline policy under the Commissioner’s order, any breach of orders will be dealt with, whether a criminal matter or any complaint against any police officer or any discipline issue serious in nature, police will always act on it.

“Regarding the PPC’s case, he is the head of the Honiara City and his behaviour and actions does not speak well of PPC.

“He is a senior ranking officer and by the nature of the complaint and report coming to us we suspend him.” Mangau said.

Matamaru could not be reached for comments before this paper went to press.

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