Historic ecumenical women’s gathering unites denominations in Hogo District


WOMEN from various denominations in Hogo District, within the Diocese of Central Solomons, recently came together to break barriers and collaborate for the betterment of their communities.

The village of Koilovala in Hogo District, Central Islands province, witnessed the inauguration of the first-ever ecumenical women’s gathering, marking a historic moment for the district.

Hogo District Priest Mathias Sasarau emphasised the historical significance of the event, saying that it brought together women from sister churches, including the United Church, South Seas Evangelical Church, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Anglican Church of Melanesia, and Rhema Family Church.

The primary goal of the Women’s Ecumenical Programme was to foster unity among different denominations, breaking down barriers and promoting fellowship, he adds.
The district priest expressed hope that the programme would create a new beginning, promoting unity within churches and eliminating disunity.

He acknowledged that such gatherings were unique at the district level and highlighted the importance of women from diverse denominations coming together for a common purpose.

Rev Sasarau noted that in the past, women from different churches within the district did not work together to build a better community, as they had different ideas and agendas.

However, with the initiative to bring women together, they would now share and respect each other, learning from one another.

Damaris Pulo, president of the Women’s Ecumenical Gathering and a member of the Rhema Family Church in Koilovala, spoke passionately about the programme’s significance.

She said the initiative empowered women in their ministries to grow spiritually and serve their families, communities, and nation. Pulo noted that it was the first-time women in Hogo District had united across denominations, setting aside doctrinal differences to work together.

Pulo acknowledged the challenges of past divisions based on varying doctrines and beliefs. She expressed confidence about the newfound collaboration, asserting that women, regardless of their denominational affiliations, would now come together to contribute positively to their community.
The ecumenical gathering in Koilovala aimed to break the tradition of separate programmes within individual churches.

Pulo said historically, women in different denominations, including Anglican, Rhema Family Church, and Seventh Day Adventist, had conducted their own programmes independently, but this Ecumenical program opening marked a transformative moment, symbolising a commitment to collective efforts for community betterment.

As the Women’s Ecumenical Gathering sets a precedent in Hogo District, it signals a positive shift towards collaboration, unity, and a shared commitment to serve the greater good of the community. The participants believe that this historic event will pave the way for more joint initiatives, strengthening the bonds between different denominations for the well-being of their shared community.
More than 500 people were part of the gathering over the weekend.

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