Heavy machine remains threaten environment

Remains of heavy machines and other harmful material stored at the Ranadi Industrial Area
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REMAINS of heavy machines believed to be from logging companies are posing a threat on the environment in the Ranadi industrial area.

Ranadi is regarded as the country’s industrial site, and remains of broken down heavy machines, irons, empty drums and cylinder for welding have caused a huge mess and damage to the environment.

The remains are from consecutive logging companies which had occupied the areas, and have over the years accumulated.

There are reports of oil leak from the remains.

As the remains are from the logging company activities, the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Forestry and Research, Mr Vaeno Vigulu said the Forestry has no direct means to penalise them.

He said the remains of heavy machines and other harmful materials are companies’ responsibilities for their disposal.

“The environment law should have provision for penalties for companies who just dispose their machines and their parts in public areas,” Vigulu said.

He said if the logging companies have their base at Ranadi then their return-off machines are kept for spare parts in their compounds.

“If they are disposed at public areas and land blocks owned by other people then they should be asked to remove them and disposed them properly,” Vigulu said.

“They can also sell them as scrap metal, I guess.

“It is understood in some countries, the government allocate grave yards for return-off machines and vehicles and their remains.”

In the meantime, Vigulu said Solomon Islands don’t have any grave yards as clearly seen remains of vehicles are even in residential areas.

To solve the problem, Vigulu said allocating grave yards for written-off machines and vehicles and their remains could be one of the best alternatives.

He said it will certainly need a collective effort from various relevant organisations such as Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and other relevant Ministries to making sure this is done as it is like to be.

Island Sun called the Ministry of Environment for comment but was not successful.

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