Data reveals ex-prisoners re-offending low

Comissioner Correctional Services of Solomon Islands, Francis Haisoma
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Comissioner Correctional Services of Solomon Islands, Francis Haisoma

COMMISSIONER of the Correctional Services of Solomon Islands Francis Haisoma says their data shows re-offending of ex-prisoners as ‘very low’.

He made the statements following complaints raised in the social media recently that there is an increase in ex-prisoners re-offending.

Complainants allege that this tendency to re-offend is due to the light punishment prisoners receive when sent to Rove prison, hence do not learn any lesson for their mistakes.

But, Haisoma said for people to say that treatments in prison is taken lightly and attracts prisoners to re-offend is a lie.

He said though they were well-fed and treated as according to the law of this country, freedom is one main thing missing in prison life.

“A day can be measured as ten years in prison life,” Haisoma said.

He said from their data and record, re-offending is very low and only few prisoners re-offend and keep coming back but majority of the prisoners when their term in jail is completed they go their own lives and doing good for themselves.

He said they have records of prisoners and if they are again re-offended they can automatically know them.

Haisoma said rehabilitation programs in Prisons are run by stakeholders and it is a good program to help prisoners think about of the life they have been through and it is a life changing program.

He said stakeholders assist prisoners in the rehabilitation programs because they are just normal human beings, they can learn from their mistakes and move on in life.

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