Healthy diet highlighted as a solution to NCD in Solomon Islands


SOLOMON Islands is still experiencing an increase in non-communicable diseases (NCD) but it can be controlled, it is reported.

Two specialists from Taiwan, Dr Li Cheng Yu and Dr Liu Kuan Fu have been helping the National Referral Hospital, Kukum Clinic, Rove Clinic and clinics in the Western province.

Both are supporting the health centre for four months.

During their service, they have found that NCD is an increasing burden in Solomon Islands similar to malaria cases.

Picture of a recommended healthy diet.

They say that in the four health centres they have worked in, they observe that majority of patients suffer from hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Patients include people above 40 years old and even children.

The challenge is more Solomon Islanders turn to ready-made foods rather than local foods; and adequate exercise is rarely promoted in societies while smoking and betel-nut eating can be seen among children.

Dr Yu said during their four-month they provided health awareness on NCD prevention, healthy diet and tobacco control to patients at clinics and helped review current referral protocol of diabetes and hypertension.

Dr Yu and Dr Fu explaining the diabetes disease.

To manage cases of NCD, Dr Yu and Dr Fu encourage citizens to do their shopping at the Honiara Central Market for garden foods rather than going to the shops.

Recommended steps to fight against diabetes include a 30 minute walk each day and drink more water and drink less soda.

Recommended healthy diet—amount per serve vegetable should half the plate at least two kinds, 1/4 starchy food such as rice, potato, bread and cassava etc.

Other 1/4 should include protein foods such as fish, lean meat, chicken and beans, etc.

“Do not forget to include low fat milk and fruits in your serve.”

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