Communication breakdown

IT seems as if the health crisis is a result of communication breakdown or people not doing their job.

More than $900 million had been pumped into the health sector through external donors including government’s own budget for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS).

Now that we have hit a crisis stage before we start communicating with each other.

Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Senior Public servants all summoned to engage in a dialogue on the best way forward.

Do we have to wait for such crisis to happen before we communicate with each other?

Shouldn’t the Prime Minister have a meeting with his Ministers occasionally to be kept updated on issues and developments happening within each government Ministries?

Most often it seems as if issues and developments happening within the Ministries are not communicated properly through the right channels.

The Prime Minister should be well informed of what is happening in each and every government Ministry.

He shouldn’t be reading or hearing such occurrences through the Media or news outlet. In fact he should be well versed to respond to questions from the media on activities within the government Ministries.

What are we hiding or why are we withholding information?

Now and then we see developments popping up everywhere, media digging out stories unbeknown to our top leaders.

This is not the way it should be.

Communication is a vital tool and it should be utilised properly in its full sense so that we see less occurrence of such incidences and blame playing.

Let us not be complacent but serve our country to the best of our abilities.

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