Siapu calls on investors to consult provincial government



PREMIER of Makira/Ulawa province has warned investors to go through the provincial government before pursuing development in the province.

Premier Stanley Siapu made the statement following a postponement in a MOU which was supposed to have been signed between landowners of Nafinua Island in Star Harbour and investors from Australia for a tourism project.

He said two months ago the MOU was prepared between Australian investors and landowners for tourism development in the area.

Unfortunately, Siapu said the MOU signing was rescheduled for a later date.

He says the province’s main concern is for investors who are interested in doing business in Makira-Ulawa to first consult with the provincial government.

Siapu said his government encourages development in the province, but there are processes to channel those development aspirations through before it can happen.

He appeals to landowners of Nafinua Island to understand the meaning behind his call on investors to first consult with the provincial government.

He explains that investors should not only consult landowners only, but must also consult with the provincial government.

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